About Aluminka

Throughout its up-to-now existence, ALUMINKA has succeeded to become one of the most renowned and recognizable brands, a brand which managed, with a number of built-up public and private facilities, to become a represent of what is quality, reliability and above all, trust in the invested, trust which is proven with the durability of all that is included in the projected, made and installed by ALUMINKA.

Aluminka started its work by producing aluminium constructions, and the firm gained great experience through the managing team who performs the same work for over thirty years, with highly qualified factory department workers and assemblers. ALUMINKA has become a choice for over hundred objects constructed in Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania. By following the fashion trends, customers’ demands and the quick technologic development, Aluminka constantly expands its spectrum of products which the firm offers in order to satisfy the customers’ needs and demands.

In order to earn the trust of the customers, the quality of all that have been produced, has to be provided previously. The quality also results from the decision of the managing team to use globally renowned and branded manufacturers of aluminium and PVC systems, as well as glass.