Aluminka is established to be the best in the business of the production of aluminium, glass and PVC constructions. The company expanded from its beginning and to this day, has managed to become one of the leading companies in this branch. Our philosophy is simply to be the best in what we do, no matter what that is. The way we work in Aluminka is to see to our clients, the product that we produce in order for your day, as well as ours, to be productive and excellent. Our mission is to be the best in the business!

When you look over our organization, you will instantly realize that we must, and gladly control every making process of the final product. The quality of the product is the most important to us and because of that, we follow the global brands and the perfection of the making process of the final product. We dispose of a great number of innovations and motivations and in fact, because of them, we continue with the expansion and improvement within Aluminka, and we always ask ourselves how to produce the final product in a better, smarter, quicker way, with higher quality and at a more accessible price.

In the process of designing and modelling our products, we always consider our product to be better and more practical in every way possible, in order both sides to be satisfied- we, as a company and you as purchasers, and because of that, we provide the longest warranty of our products in order for our customers to be always satisfied.

What distinguishes us from the rest are the quality and price, anyone who tried our products and competing products can notice the difference and recognize the quality, which acknowledges everything that we speak of. We are proud of our business, clients, and employees.


You can talk to us for every problem that you’ve had so far, and we will offer the ideal solution. When you buy our product, it will be timeless and you won’t need its replacement. We let our deeds speak for us; our clients’ words are our most powerful marketing.